Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Sings

I don't need a calendar to know spring is here.


1.  For about a week the mud has been g-o-n-e.  No boots needed.  This is a good thing.

2.  Donkeys duties have been cut in half.  What took 30-40 minutes just a short while ago, can now be zipped through in 15 minutes.

3.  I wear my jams out in the morning to greet the donks.

4.  Donkeys are bellowing constantly telling the world how mistreated they are to be closed off from the pasture.  (If we want the pasture to sustain them through the summer, we've got to give it a fighting chance through May.  No nibbling allowed at this point.)
If you hear their bellows, don't believe a word.

All is right with the world (knock on wood).  


  1. Ha - now I get why my girls are so noisy the last couple of days !! I didn't realize they wanted to express their discontentedness about not being allowed yet in the greener pasture ;-))))

  2. There is nothing like spring arriving and winter going away for a while!