Sunday, May 28, 2017


I'm realizing how the loss of Alice, Francesca, Emmy Lou and Dottie in a short period of time has caused me to be aware of the fragility of life on a daily basis.  Every day when letting the chickens out for their free-range time, I tell them to be careful and I anxiously count heads when I call for their return to the coop.  I need four to return.

So, let's tell the girls how special they are.

My confession is this.  I would be heartbroken if something happened to Sweet Pea.

She is my #1 helper during morning chores, following around the donkey yard.  And chatting the whole time.  Actually it's the only way I can tell the difference between her and Buffy.  Sweet Pea is full of talk, talk, talk.  The few times she's been in the coop in a nesting box during morning chores, the silence has been deafening.


This little girl is actually quite full of personality, but instead of "helper" I'd term Jo "the snack queen".  In the mornings, as soon as I open the big door to the coop, out they all rush to do some early exploring.  But sure as shootin', Jo will rush back to see if any snacks have been distributed.  Often she's so anxiouson,  she'll sit in the snack bowl.  I have to lift her out and explain that doesn't really expedite the process.

Ruby Dee is one of the two remaining original girls (the other is Sweet Pea).  Ruby used to be my helper but apparently relinquished the position for reasons unknown to me.  And she does tend to whine.

On a recent morning instead of throwing them banana, they got nice juicy blueberries.  Ruby checked one out and just looked at me.  Clearly that blue thing wasn't a banana.

Her other idiosyncracy.  Pecking feet.  Sandaled feet.  Although (knock on wood) it hasn't happened recently.  when it does I tend to first yelp and secondly yell out "Ruby Dee, knock it off!!"  From the look on her face, I know she knows.

This is Buffy.  I dare you to differentiate between Buff and Sweet Pea.

Buffy is the loner and, although has been with my crew for two years, is still somewhat skittish.  Jo, on the other hand, has been here for two months and feels right at home.

OK, readers.  On the count of three, remind everyone 
Stay Safe, Please!!


  1. Aww, they are all beautiful girls. I've been known to sit in the snack bowl myself at times :)
    Must be something to do with the
    Stay safe girls !

  2. This is so cute! Your hens are beautiful. Chickens are funny aren't they. Hope your girls stay safe.

  3. Your girls are lovely Janet (loved the photo's). It still amazes me how they each have their own personalities and indeed how clever these girls can be. Just recently I have noticed that Rose and Violet watch when I put the locks on to the door of their run. When I am in and out feeding, watering, cleaning etc I don't bother with the locks. I kept wondering how they both escaped into the garden. After a few times I watched them both together open the door from the bottom with their beaks and then made their escape. They watch me to see if I put the locks on and if I do, they don't bother as they know they can't get out. If I leave the bottom lock off, the pair of them work together to open the door. My husband witnessed this a couple of days ago and couldn't believe it. These girls are certainly full of personality and if anyone said that chickens were not clever, they have obviously never kept them. I am sure your girls will be fine as I know how very well they are looked after. Have you thought about adding to your flock?

    1. Even though I see how most people underestimate chickens, I am surprised at Rose and Violet's ingenuity. Who woulda thought!