Monday, May 8, 2017

Goodbye to Emmy Lou

If I were to be totally honest about what's going on at our little farm, I would have bad news yet again.  Seems like it's been a steady stream of bad news on the blog.

Emmy Lou has been going steadily downhill the past few days.  After some chicken health sleuthing, I had hopes of bringing her around, but it's not to be.  Today I've been determining the most humane means of euthanasia.

Just went out to check on her and I can't believe she'll last the night.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to this death business.

 Emmy Lou on the right


  1. Emmy Lou, may you transition in peace & comfort.

  2. I am sorry you have been having such a terrible time lately and I am sorry for Emmy Lou. Sending donkey hugs and peace to you.

  3. Aww Emmy Lou, may she pass peacefully.
    So sad.

  4. Oh Janet, I'm sorry. That is the sad part of having animals. It just kills me when one gets sick and dies. I have lost two young hens in the last few weeks. They just started acting funny and I could tell they were going down hill fast. It always breaks my heart. If you know of a humane way of euthanasia, will you let me know? It is awful watching a chicken dying when it takes several days and I just don't have the heart to kill anything. I'm so sorry. Love, Henny

    1. Melba, I was told to use banamine (a common pain killer for equines). You give a chicken about 6cc which for those little bodies is a megadose. Problem is, its only available through a vet.

  5. Hi Janet. Sorry to hear of your bad news. We have been away on holiday and am only just catching up with "blog world". This is the part of animal keeping that tears me apart. When I lost Mary a couple of weeks ago, I really felt like giving up with this chicken keeping lark. At the end of the day though I wouldn't have been without her (or any of them for that matter) and although my enthusiasm drained somewhat, the most important thing is to give them a safe loving home (although sometimes this is brief - especially with chickens). My husband said to me that I had achieved what I wanted to achieve with Mary and that was to give her a loving home and a happy free life (albeit not a very long one). Hope Emmy Lou passed peacefully. Mary never recovered when I brought her home from the vets and I was prepared to take her back to have her put to sleep but she fell asleep in the night so I felt a certain amount of relief that I didn't have to put her (and me) through another vet ordeal. Take care.