Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Babies

If you drove up to our home, you might look askance at the "beauty" of a Christmas wreath still hanging.  Your left eyebrow might raise in a quizzical look as you turned to say "Why?"

It used to be a beauty, but it's luster has faded.
And yet it remains, because...

Two robins selected that innovative location to build their spring nest.  A few weeks ago we would have disrupted the eggs if the wreath had been disturbed and now, we would disrupt the babes.

Look carefully, and you'll see a beak and a head.  We think there is at least one more young 'un in there, but Rick was perched on a ladder trying to get a peek so we're not entirely sure about the full brood.

So, it will stay Christmas at our house for a bit longer.  And that's fine with us.


  1. That is so sweet. I would leave the wreath hanging too. Janet, thank you answering my question about a humane way to euthanize a chicken. I've told my husband many times that there must be something we could give a chicken to end its suffering. I had a white hen once that honestly, took a week to finally die. I may ask our vet about getting it. Thanks again.

  2. Isn't nature beautiful! It's going to be lovely for you to watch those babies thrive and take their first flight. I bet with them being hatched on your farm they will stay in the area. Robins can become very friendly/Cheeky so you will have fun watching them grow.