Monday, December 4, 2017

A Brief Break

Dear Readers, Friends, and Chonkey (donkey + chicken) lovers,

News from the non-animal world is this:  I'm getting a new knee tomorrow and will be unable to compose the witty and engaging stories from this little world of donkeys.  When I am able to sit comfortably at the computer, I will return.

Just so as not to leave you empty-handed, however, I'd like to re-introduce you to the hooligans who live next door.  You've met them before, but since they are making their voices/demands heard more now than in the summer, you need to mark these faces carefully in case they hooliganize your neighborhood.

I don't think the neighbor names her bovine babies, so I do it for her.  Naturally, the names speak volumes for my creativity.

From left to right above:  Old Blackie, little Blaze (Big Blaze was moved to another property last year) and New Blackie.

Here you have Whitie and Mama Cow, with little black baby nestled in between.

Sadly Whitie left the property next door in November and I don't know whether he was sold or moved to the neighbor's other property just a couple of miles away.  I miss him.

These cuties have me well trained.  They bellow at me for carrot treats and let me know when they've run out of the round hay bale she provides to ensure I throw some hay over the fence for them.  They'll just stand at the fence, stare at me while I'm with the chonkeys and bellow.  So far they've run about a 50% success rate.

Although in this picture Mama Cow looks to be the epitome of a good mother, I questioned her maternal care.  At maybe the two to three month point, Mama Cow would be at the fence waiting anxiously for a handout and Baby would be nowhere in sight.  But, Baby seems to be thriving so I could be casting aspersions without correct data.

All for now, I must finish my list of chores before tomorrow arrives.
'Til later.


  1. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery from your knee surgery !
    I think we are all facing that same surgery sooner rather than later :)
    Your friends are quite the lookers, they are the most inquisitive of creatures and always make me smile.
    Hugs and see you soon !

  2. I will be thinking of you, Janet, and praying all goes well with your surgery. I'm sure your "neighbors" will be missing you too. See you when you get back.

  3. Good luck with the operation Janet. Hope all goes well. Enjoyed seeing your Bovine friends. I love the word "chonkey". Hope you are not away too long - but enjoy having a good rest once you get home from hospital. All the best, love Louise x