Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas From the Archives

Two weeks to the day with this new knee.  Definitely some ups and downs and days of thinking, "when will this get easier".  But I'm inching forward with mobility.  Nights are not restful; side sleeping, even with a pillow shielding that new knee, is tricky.  I have a machine that bends my knee, and invariably when using it during the day I fall asleep in the thing.

Probably the worse part is I haven't seen my donks or clucks for two weeks, except in passing on the way to the doctor or physical therapy.  I'm missing my hugs and kisses and perhaps even Ruby Dee's pecks on the ankle.  But with snow and a bit of ice on the driveway now is definitely not the time to be brave and wander forth, cane in hand. 

Because I have no news or photos for you, I'm pulling some pics out of the archives.  Christmasy, winter scenes that make me smile.

Here's a classic.  Santa, Natural, and me.  Several years ago. 
I think I will miss that boy to my dying day.

I remember this day distinctly.  A snowstorm kept me from going to work, so I grabbed my Nikon and trekked out to the donks.  
Luigi, Gabby and Fran

Fran reluctantly getting into the Christmas spirit


Dudley (whom we lost two months ago)

There you have it.  A few snippets of years past.

I'll try to return on a regular basis, although I'm not sure what stories I can bring to the table before I venture out to the critters.  But I'll give it my best shot.

And no, you're not allowed photos of this glorious knee!


  1. I am so glad to see a post from you. My husband and I have been praying for you in our nightly devotions. I hope you improve each day and can get to see your animals soon.

    1. How very kind of you, Kathy. It's appreciated. Particularly today -- it's an owwwie day!

  2. I'm sorry. I missed your post about getting the new knee. At least it's over and you're on your way to getting well. Bet your donkeys and chickens miss you too. I love the Christmas pictures from the archives. Natural sure was a pretty horse. Hope your knee heals fast. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Melba. Enjoy your holiday too, and don't work too hard!

  3. Glad to hear from you Janet and glad that the knee's improving. Just think what a new lease of life you will have when you are up and running again. There will be plenty of time for kisses and cuddles with your critters. Who is looking after them while you are incapacitated? Enjoyed your pictures from the archives. Hope you had a restful Christmas and are feeling better. All the very best for 2018.

  4. I love your donkeys, their eyes are so kind. It is heartbreaking when an animal we love dies, I know.