Wednesday, January 3, 2018

From the Inside Looking Out

The good news is I've started driving again, but the bad news is I still am not tending to critters yet.  Talked to the physical therapist today and he's guessing I'll be stable enough on these snowy conditions in a couple of weeks. 
Everyone will get a big sloppy kiss on that day, donkeys AND chickens.

In the meantime, the holidays were quite nice, although Dudley was in my heart and missed.  He loved opening Christmas presents and would get as excited as a kid.
Miss you Duds.

However, Gunner got into the Christmas spirit with a new toy.

And has been helping Rick with donkey chores.  With a snappy coat, of course.

Yes, we're cold and snowy, and getting colder in the next few days.

Rick is most likely getting tired of my interrogations ensuring he's doing things "properly" for the donks and clucks.  I've been preparing hay cubes every morning for the equines to put a little warmth in their bellies (soak 'em in hot water for at least an hour to hydrate the cubes, and then add a bit more hot water just before Rick goes out to feed).  I have to feel like I'm helping my babies in some way.

 Lastly, the two Christmas cacti have been going strong since Thanksgiving.  A bright note.

Whoops, almost forget my newest Christmas acquisition this year.  The Christmas gnome.
I'm purely smitten with him.


  1. I think that may be the cutest Gnome I've ever seen. I know you must miss Dudley something awful. Gunner sure has a sweet little face. Bet he misses him too. Isn't it hard, not being able to get out and do things "our" way. It was like that when I was down with my back. Glad you can be out driving again.

  2. So glad to hear that you are on the mend Janet. Just think how wonderful it will be when you are out again tending to your donks and chooks. Gunner looks lovely in his coat and seems to be enjoying his new Christmas present. I love your Gnome to.