Friday, July 13, 2018

New Coop Addition, almost almost almost done!

We are ever so close to having the new coop fully integrated.  But not quite.

The last time you saw it, we had pieces lined up outside the donkey yard.  Well, just take a look now.

The "porch" has not been secured completely, but other than that, we're ready to roll.  Let me give you a tour of the construction process -- my husband needs a huge bow of recognition for all the hours spent integrating the two structures.

Yes, part of the package was a stained glass window - pretty swanky

Because the new roof is metal, Rick thought the heat build-up could be offset by insulation

Nesting boxes in and ready

Here, we're standing in the new coop looking through the old outside door to the old coop

Always loving a new project, Rick said, hmmm, what to do with the leftover roofing pieces (because we're cozied up to the old coop, the other half of the roof wasn't necessary)  And voila, a new shade area for the donks. 

Pretty darn nifty, don't you think.  Rick is one darn handy guy to have around.  Guess I need to thank him properly!


  1. Wow the new coop set-up looks amazing - how exciting!! You've got loads of room now for your new occupants. It really does look very smart and I am so envious of the size of your coops. You've got a very handy husband indeed. Great idea to put the remaining wood to good use as a donkey shelter. Now you can think about when you are going to get your new chooks. I'm excited for you.

  2. Your husband did a wonderful job on that coop. How nice it looks. And very clever to use the left over roof for the donkeys.

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