Monday, July 23, 2018

Slow But Sure Wins the Fly Spray Race

Slow but sure wins the race.
With donkeys.

Using fly spray on Sugar and Spice has been an interesting process, but halelujah, I think we've won the battle.

Wait, I think I'm mixing metaphors.  Oh well.  Be patient.

When fly season began, it seemed clear they had never been sprayed. If I so much as appeared with the bottle in my hand, they'd hightail it outta Dodge.  So the step process began:

1.  Entice everyone into the barn with a "treat" (actually a supplement but they gobble it up).
Spray Luigi and Gabs (who have never been a problem for the past 8 years).  Put a halter on S&S with leadline.  One person holds the donk while the other sprays.  Release the beasts.

After a couple of weeks -- 
2. Repeat Step 1, omitting the halter.  Spray Luigi and Gabs.  One person throws the leadline over Sugar/Spice holding securely and the other sprays.  Release the beasts.

After a few days --
3.  Repeat Step 2, omitting the leadline.  One person puts a hand on Sugar/Spice's back or neck to steady them while the other sprays.
It was critical to always spray Luigi and Gabariella first to show S&S they didn't die from the procedure and, in fact, didn't pay much attention.  Release the beasts.

After a few days --
4.  Repeat Step 3 omitting a person.  The procedure requires only one person .Spray everyone in the correct order.  Release the beasts.

After a few days --
Spray Luigi and Gabs in the donkey yard.  Next spray Sugar (just a wee bit of verbal reassurance needed.  Spray Spice with extra verbal reassurance and hand pressure.

Piece of cake!

The beasts (in order of cooperative attitude):





Proud as punch of my two little girls!


  1. You have it sorted Janet - Your experience and loving ways have won the battle. LOVE the photo's of the donks - they are looking really good. Spice has got a fabulous hairdo and those ears are just gorgeous.

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