Monday, July 2, 2018

Sights from SASHA

My duties at SASHA have shifted a bit and that shift allows me to meet and greet most of the residents as I wash and fill water buckets and troughs.

I requested this change; I missed walking about and talking to everyone.

These are a few of the SASHA residents I've schmoozed with recently (not in order of preference - I don't want any of the highlighted to throw an accusing finger).

June Carter Cash conversing while I clean up on the other side of the fence

What could be better than a luxurious wallow when the temps rise

These three geese wander the pasture directing their loud comments to various recipients, although it's often difficult to tell just who those recipients are.

For example, I thought they were unhappy with this goat, but continued their comments after he had passed.

I know I've introduced you to Bhima, the Gyr Ox.  The Jersey 5 (saved from the veal industry) adore Bhima and I captured that adoration from one of the 5.  We're talking many many many kisses.

And I've saved Harley for last.  I would take this boy home in a sweet second.
He lost his Dane partner only recently and is slowly rebounding from his grief.  
Here he has found some innovative places to catch a nap on a warm summer day.

If you'd like to see more of the Farm or donate to the Midwest's largest farm animal sanctuary, visit


  1. What a great place to be. I loved seeing all of the animals. Gotta love those geese!

  2. I'm sure those conversations are enjoyed on both sides of the fence.
    Such a worthy cause, thank you for your kindness.

  3. What a marvellous place this looks and what a worthy cause. It's so lovely of you to take the time out from your own animals and help out here (bet you really love it though getting to know all those critters). I would love it and would be in my element among all those wonderful souls. I love the pigs - I have a real soft spot for pigs. Don't know that much about them, but if I had some land I would love to learn about them and have two (I like the Kune Kune pigs). Bev over at Beehaven Acres has two and she always says how very friendly and sociable they are. Have you checked her blog out Janet? If you get chance, go check her blog out Beehaven Acres. Like yourself, she tells some wonderful farmyard stories and is a real inspiration.

  4. Thanks, Louise, for the blog tip. Will check it out.
    The friend I go to the farm with really likes the pigs and I was spending most of my 4 hours with them (pots and full-sized). I came to realize I missed seeing everyone else.

  5. Janet, I've missed so many of your posts and don't know why. I can't seem to keep up anymore. All these animals are just precious, and so lucky to have you around. I wish you could take Harley home. He looks so big and lovable. I've just caught up reading some of your latest posts. Sorry, but I had to laugh about the swing breaking through (glad you were not hurt), and then about the new spray painter with all the flowers painted. You may remember my post about falling out of my new swing. Knocked the breath out of me, but it was funny. Glad for your new chicken house too. We could use a better one too!

  6. Melba, thanks for catching up with the antics around here. I need to do the same!

  7. I would enjoy schmoozing with the animal residents too. That sad grieving dog, I hope he finds joy again.