Monday, August 20, 2018

Cobwebs Be Gone

This past weekend was designated "get the cobwebs out of the barn and coop" holiday.  A better time could not have been had.

Haul the shop vac out to the barn, trying to avoid the mucky mess at the doorway.  My memory says I didn't partake of this holiday last year because of my knee.  Two years for the spiders to spin out of control.

Was it necessary??

Then, time to move on to the coop.

Usually the girls like to help when I clean out the bedding, but they were not drawn to this vacuuming business. 

When I had finished and Rick came out to take a look, he foolishly said the barn was probably cleaner than the house.

Foolish indeed. 


  1. Such a good feeling to clean the coop out. I must admit I would rather be doing that than the housework!! I wonder if Rick got his dinner that night after his cheeky comment?? My girls are going on their holidays soon while we are away and that gives me a chance to clean out the coops while they are gone and out of the way. They do try to hinder (sorry help) me but it is much easier to get stuck in on my own.

  2. Hi Janet, Just popped by your blog as we have been away on holiday and wondered if you had posted recently. Hope that everything is OK with you and yours and you have had a good September (can't believe we are in October next week). Got my four girls home last Thursday - Three healthy and One poorly!! Can't put my finger on the reason (these chickens are sometimes such a mystery). So it's looking as if it is a vet's appointment tomorrow. Why can't everything run smoothly - there's always something to worry about. Hope to hear from you soon. Very best regards, Louise.