Monday, August 6, 2018

Watermelon for Everyone!

The experiment.

To be honest, I'm not certain this was truly the first watermelon introduction for both the donks and the chickens.  But I am certain it was the first time I had cut up a whole melon and offered chunks to all.
At first blush, the donks said no thanks.

Actually I continued to find if they were offered hay prior to the fruit, they chose hay each time.  But then they decided it was OK to gobble the watermelon after their main course.

The juice is running off of Spice's lips.  Pretty funny.

Luigi's tongue is saying, "yummm".

The girls check on remnants. 
Did those darn donkeys leave anything at all?? 

And then they discover they have their own delectable portion.

Official experiment conclusion:  Donkeys greedily gobble, rind and all.  Girls pick off every sweet morsel, but leave the rind.  Everyone votes thumbs up!


  1. I didn't know donkeys would eat watermelon. They are so cute! We eat a lot of watermelon in the summertime and always give the rinds (with some of the red left) to the chickens. Your new chicken coop is looking good! Bet the hens will love it!

  2. Water melon goes down a storm with the chooks. My girls prefer the honeydew melon - they absolutely love it. It must be nice and cooling for them to. Over here melon is quite pricey, so it's an expensive treat but Rose, Violet, Olive and Ivy have melon at the weekend. They seem to love the pips as well (although I don't know if they are any good for them). I would never have thought donkeys would eat melon - you had better make sure you have plenty of melon on your shopping list now they have the taste for it. By the way Janet, how are you coping with the heat? Does it seem hotter than average for this time of year where you are? Hope that you are not near any of these awful fires we have been hearing about on the news. We have certainly had it very hot here in UK. We are hoping Spain cools down a bit before we go on holiday in September. They have been having really high temperatures at the moment and I don't think I would be able to stand it. Anyway, hope you are all happy and safe and keeping cool.

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