Sunday, January 20, 2019

Blanketed Bundles of Donkey

The gang is all ready for the -5 degrees predicted for tonight. 

As with horse care, there are controversies for donkey care and for chicken care.  To blanket or not to blanket is one.  I use my "it's Damn Cold" meter to guide me. 

Many chicken owners do not think coop heaters are necessary or wise.  Well, tonight the girls will be in heated comfort for sure.

This evening I needed help getting blankets on Sugar and Spice.  They had to be convinced it was a good idea but I do believe they'll be thanking me tomorrow.

All you Michiganians out there, keep warm!


  1. The donkeys sure look warmer in their blankets and I'm glad your hens will be warm too. We've been down to 17 degrees this morning, which is awfully cold for NC. I've made sure all the animals had extra bedding and tarps to block the cold wind. Seems like the weather is miserable just about everywhere.

  2. The donkey gang look great in their wonderful blankets and I am sure they will keep them toasty warm in your freezing weather. What a miserable time of year - cold, damp, snowing at the moment in UK. Roll on Spring!!

    1. Louise, I don't mind the snow, actually. But I'm looking forward to a little warm-up we're supposed to get.