Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mornings On Our Teeny Tiny Farm

Feed the donks first to get them out of my hair

Emmy Lou 2 thinks she'll get an extra treat by hopping up 

Girls always love to scrabble in the straw during their morning walkabout

Nabbing some bird seed treat on the coop porch 
(usually everyone is huddled around the bowl)

Oh, that face
My little Luigi

Ah yes, a new hole for Rick to fix.
Thank you donks.


  1. I can't help but smile looking through your pictures, those wonderful little busy-bodies, all with their own unique personality :)
    Sweet....except for the hole to repair !

    1. Jo, yes! Sometimes friends look askance when I swoon over my chickens and babble on about their personalities. They understand that the donks would be unique, but not the hens. But they are indeed.

  2. What a lovely morning on your farm with your donkeys and chickens. You are quite right about chicken personalities - they are all so different and I could talk about my chickens until the cows came home!!