Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas Over?

We do not follow the conventional holiday decorating timetable.  Our tree goes up mid-December and comes down mid-January.  That stems from our former tradition of cutting a fresh tree late enough to keep it kicking for a few weeks.  We haven't done that since our son moved out on his own and, although I miss that tradition still, it's not worth a battle with you-know-who.

Were it not for the flu bug I've had for the past four days, we'd most likely be taking down the tree and decorations this weekend.  But my energy has been down the tubes so it will have to wait just a few more days.

So for the time being, yes, it is still Christmas in our home.


  1. We have a false Christmas tree that we have had for years. I wasn't going to put it up this year, but I gave in. I took it down the day after Boxing Day and was very glad to get the Christmas thing done and dusted. The best thing about Christmas for me is having the time off work. Saying that, I have been off work for the last two days with this dreadful flu bug and have been between the settee and my bed. I know what you mean about energy levels at the moment. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Gosh, it sounds like lots of folks out there have the flu. Those are the cutest little stuffed tops.

  3. Ooh deary sorry you are poorly, sending healing wishes your way.
    Love the decorations, I seem to be doing less each year, but as we age hopefully it's turned over to the next generation and that's ok too.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, get well quickly :)

  4. Hi=I just found you through Kathy's blog over at Looking At Life Through My Bifocals. I saw you on her sidebar. I am your newest follower and looking forward to getting to know you better. xo Diana