Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Donkey Blog Friend

It truly seems to be a minor miracle.  Within two days 80% of the ice from the driveway has melted and it's possible to walk out to the donks, worry-free.  Hallelujah!

Yes, the trade-off is the mud.  Ankle deep right at the gate.  But it isn't ice!

But I'll now veer off from the topic of weather to turn to a blogging bud.  Let me introduce you to Kris at The Dancing Donkey  Her donkey photos are pretty darn amusing and let me add, as she well knows, I'm not so secretly in love with Ben.  He's a big beauty and I'm completely smitten.  Although her crew are in New York, I wouldn't be adverse to secretly whisking Ben to Michigan.

She has recently been dabbling with rocks, glue and epoxy resin and has created some masterpieces, one of which she graciously sent my way.

I'm sure you're as impressed with her artistic skills as I am. 
Thanks again, Kris.

And now, because I know you need a Luigi fix, here's my most recent snap of the boy.

He had just enjoyed a couple of donkey cookies (yes as had the girls too) and was licking his chops for the longest time.  See the tongue wrapped around?  Yummm...


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  2. Glad that your ice has finally melted. It's pretty much the same here at the moment - rain, rain and more rain leading to lots of mud. Your friend is very clever - love the donkey images - what unique pieces of art and it was very kind of her to send one your way. Isn't that Luigi boy just gorgeous. I could kiss that soft velvety nose. Sounds like he thoroughly enjoyed those donkey cookies.

    1. And you know, Louise, out of the four, Luigi would be the one to allow and relish that kiss!

  3. I'm glad it made it to where it belongs:)

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