Monday, March 9, 2020

Chatty Chickens

If only I could decipher morning conversations with the hens.  It might be fascinating.

Everyone always has so much to say, especially in the hay aisle.  But you'll also be able to overhear conversations from the four clucks wandering nearby.  I guess we'll have to come to our own conclusions about the topics.

Contrast that with the peacefulness of Sugar and Spice sharing a bowl of "hot slop". 

I should mention though that the atmosphere in the donkey yard can get a bit heated when hot slop is served.  It's not uncommon for some snorting to be overheard when one of the donks declares, not sharing!


  1. Loved your clip of the girls Janet. What happy, contented and very healthy looking girls they are.

  2. I love your little videos. My mother-in-law loved chickens. She always said happy hens sing. I have one very happy hen. She is so loud! Loved seeing the sweet donkeys too. Sorry I've been away so long. Can't keep up with anything any more.