Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Peace in the Valley

Before I whisk you away from the world of the "v" word, to the world of miniature donks I must tell you I felt compelled to close my Little Free Library.  LFL stewards have different views, but after much waffling I felt I could not take the chance the little library could carry the virus to someone taking a book.  So this afternoon I posted the Temporarily Closed signs and cleared out the books.  They're stashed safely in the garage.

The good story about the LFL is this.  I was there about a week ago (before all hell broke loose) and discovered one of the doors was gone.  Hinges intact -- door gone.  I was steamed.  I went home in a bit of a huff and friend J2 suggested I call the office of the mobile home community where it's located.  Good suggestion.  Indeed, the door had been vandalized and their maintenance crew was fixing it.  If I showed you a close-up of the doors, you might be able to guess which it was, but gol' darn they did a good job.  The moral of the story -- the LFL must be appreciated.  So, as exasperated as I get with the mess of books shoved in every which way when I go to replenish it, it's appreciated.  And isn't that the point.

Now on to the donks!!

Today's little donkey vignette is supposed to allow you a moment of morning calm, donkeys contentedly chewing, chickens clucking.  Until this darn woman's voice breaks the peace.  Pardon the voice.

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