Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spotlight On Two Donks and A Cluck

Far be it from me to discourage glamour shots of all the girls (and boy).

Gabby stopped her daily pursuits long enough to strike 
quite the provocative pose for me.

Wait a minute, what's that orange hat she's wearing??
(if you can guess, you win the BIG prize -- first name 
mention here in the blog)

Oops, Sugar was caught off-guard and without a comb to prep for the photo

And then we have little Fluffy (Rick calls her Fluffykins).  Her constant jabbering can be quite an earful.


  1. bet is an emergency cone, and quite fitting for a lady of her stature.
    Not to undermine the other two darlings, but hey, no crown, no glory :)
    Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with us, they made my day.

  2. Think it must be a cone in the background ... or perhaps it's her birthday and she IS wearing her party hat. Loved the video of the chooks - isn't fluffy gorgeous!