Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Packrats Unite

Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat.

Take a look at the "windmill" in the opening photo of the blog.  At our house, spring is not signified by baseball's opening day, but by the windmill going up.  And fall is determined by the windmill being put to bed for the winter.  We've had two identical wind generators as pictured above and eventually they become so tattered and woebegone that they must be retired. 

As it is now.  No windmill.

I checked my emails for the last one we ordered to find the vendor.  Thought I had found it, but was terrifically dismayed to find them out of business.  Kept checking kite shops.  Kept doing various internet searches.  Nothing.

Then, I was doing some electronic email weeding (different folder than I had initially scoured) and lo and behold found the vendor.  From five years ago...

Most friends I know are much more proactive in clearing out unneeded emails.  But look what a marvelous discovery I had just because I'm a saver.  Couldn't be more delighted.

Now, last fall I purchased a whirlygig on a little weekend retreat with a friend.  For Michiganders' reference, we were in Suttons Bay.

All manner of lawn ornaments

And this is my little beauty

So, even if I had been unable to locate my windmill, I would have told myself, don't be a spoiled baby.  You have a new whirlygig.  

But you can bet, I'll be ordering the windmill... soon.


  1. I like your whirligig and your bright colored windmill. Yes, pack rat habits can help us once in a while. I can see from the photos why you fell in love with your miniature donkeys.

    1. Thanks, Terra! Although the donks can be hooligans at times...

  2. I love your whirligig! So pretty! I am a pack rat when it comes to emails too. I've been trying to clean out my thousands of emails but it takes so long so I haven't been making much progress. Being a pack rat helps sometimes.

    1. I'm trying to convince myself slow but sure wins the game.