Monday, April 27, 2020

All Things Chickens

Here's the deal.  A couple of days ago the donkeys were bad.  Very bad.  And got into some things that could have made them sick.  So, they are being punished by not having their faces or stories in the blog today.  That makes them very sad.  And maybe they will rethink their bad bad behavior.  We can hope.

So today is all about chickens.

Betcha I fooled you with this picture.  Nothing virus related, just cleaning out the coop.

My helpers helped in so many ways.  Getting underfoot was their biggest contribution.

Not too long ago I put together a dust bath for the girls in an old cat litter box.  The point was to give them a cleaning area in the winter and inclement weather. One part wood ash (from the wood stove), one part sand, and one part diatomaceous earth. 

The girls inspect it for the first time and are not sure it's to their liking.

Actually, it's hard to tell if it's been used since or not.

And now I'll leave you with a smile on your face.  A picture of my favorite girl who lives next door.  Mid-twenties and gorgeous.


  1. Oh Janet I loved your chicken video. Aren't your girls vocal! They look, and sound, such happy chooks. I lost my little Rose last Friday. We thought she'd had a stroke. I sat with her on my knee for hours in the garden and she passed in my arms. I cried buckets of tears all day and I miss her dreadfully. The picture of that gorgeous pony did indeed put a smile on my face. What a pretty girl.

    1. Oh Louise, no! Wish I could give you a hug. An extra big one.