Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mice Mice Go Away

I thought we were living together amicably.  Mice would skitter out of sight in the chicken coop and I didn't think much about it.  We have the philosophy live and let live.  I'm even trying to find a humane way to keep the flies at bay (without much luck), but those sneaky mice crossed the line.

We knew they were helping themselves to chicken feed, but we finally put our feet down and said enough!

Instead of setting the feeder on wood blocks as we normally have done, (to keep it out of the shavings), Rick hung it.  Thinking it would be too high for the mice to sneak into.

Since we took away one food supply, the mice turned to chewing their way through plastic containers in which we keep/kept the wild bird seed (treats for the girls) .  Sneaky little devils.


So we've switched to glass containers, but the feeder has to be repositioned... again.  they can still get into it.  I don't mind giving the mice a little handout, but not when I'm feeding the girls organic feed, plus some pricey higher protein feed.  No.

And I know you've all be waiting anxiously for another donkey video.
Here you'll find Luigi attesting to the fact Equine Senior is lip-smacking good.  This is after he snuck into the barn and confiscated some of Spice's portion.  The others congregated around absolutely gob-smacking certain I had treats hidden in my phone.



  1. Luigi has the cutest nose. I am surprised mice could eat through thick plastic like that, could it be rats? Ugh. Good luck on all your changes to keep the rodents out of the food. Rick is inventive with his idea to hang one container.

  2. We to had a problem with mice last year. Like you, I used to see the odd one in the coop, but we noticed it had got out of hand and we were seeing large numbers. The feeder hung up is a very good idea. I did buy one last year but the girls didn't really take to it. I take their food out every night but inevitably some spills during the day. What I have found the be most effective (touch wood) is the use of what we have here in the UK called Jeyes outside cleaning fluid. It is very strong smelling and rodents don't go near it. I use it neat on the outside of the run where the chickens and cats can't get to. I don't know if you have anything similar in the US. This was a tip I got from my chicken forum 'Down The Lane'and so far (touching even more wood) it has been very effective. Those donkey noses are just adorable - I love it when you put videos on of the donks and chooks. Also please give that gorgeous Luigi a kiss from me (on that gorgeous velvet nose please).

  3. Goodness, we've been through the same thing with mice, and like you, I let the little mice eat too. :) That's amazing how they chewed through that plastic bucket. I LOVE the donkey video. Full screen makes it feel like they are right here before me.