Monday, June 8, 2020

Peaceful Chonkey Mornings

Some mornings are just about perfect.  Mild temps, a slight wind, the donkeys cooperate, the chickens come when called.  The problem is not all the elements gel every morning; bits and pieces are perfection and then there is the rest.

Here you have those bits and pieces.

When I enter the donkey yard, the girls are always chatting up a storm.  I've come to the conclusion they have early morning team meetings knowing I won't be there.  And no, I have never received an email with the agenda.  Coincidence?

volume up!

Donkeys much contentedly.  No bickering, to each other or to me.  Ahhh...


And the final lazy summer morning moment.

Now to get all these peaceful moments in one package.  That would be heaven.


  1. Loved your video clips Janet. What a lovely perfect peaceful morning (with everyone co-operating nicely). Your chooks are so vocal, they sound like such happy girls. The donks are certainly little characters - I would just love to give them a hug. How peaceful was the last video clip to - just the lovely bird song and your wonderful windmill (sorry forgot what you call them). You certainly do live in a beautiful place.

  2. How perfect! Hens singing and those cute donkeys chewing on their hay. I love it! and the spinning thing too. It's so pretty. Your titles make me smile; Chonkey.