Monday, July 27, 2020

Four Donkeys (Sometimes) Steal My Heart

I have complained vociferously (while you dear readers simply nod in calm support) that four stinky donkeys ignore any toy I have supplied, be it beach ball, traffic cone, hanging milk jugs,  Jolly ball, etc.  Yesterday it became clear their new favorite toy is the hay manger.

As you can see, it has been shifted from the middle of the shelter to another selected spot.  Not my doing.  Not Rick's doing.  You may wonder, who could possibly have moved it?  Hmmm... 

I've spotted this shifting more than occasionally.  Their new toy. 

Rick constructed the manger last summer to avoid all the hay going on the ground.  Here, the troublemakers have just pulled all the hay out of the manger to - the -  ground.

Certainly not wanting to leave you with the impression I shake my fist at these four all the time.
In a moment of weakness, we had a chill moment.


  1. They certainly know their names, I smile each time I see those beautiful faces.
    My daughter's donkeys have the same personalities, always nosing into something they shouldn't, and will literally dance on their heads for vanilla wafers :)
    Thank you for you lovely comments on the loss of Oliver, they truly made my days brighter.
    Hugs dear friend,

  2. You've brightened my day again - what a lovely clip of those four sweet donkeys. They have to keep you on your toes you know - they realise life would be boring without their cheeky antics.

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  4. May I ask what kind of hay and feed do you feed your sweet donkeys?