Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gabby and Spice -- Sisters??

I have sock popping good news!  At long last I happened upon the name of a chicken vet who is only  20 minutes away.  Previous to this, the closest I had heard of was about 90 minutes.  The good news comes from a  chicken group on FB I newly joined,  designed for our particular county in Michigan (I also belong to a Michigan chicken group).  Knock on wood I haven't needed a vet's expertise in months, but I badly wanted a number for that emergency situation.

Speaking of helpful hints, for those readers who physically care for chickens, I have found Fresh Eggs Daily to be a good source of information.  About a month ago she provided us with an easy electrolyte recipe for those patches of scorching hot days. Today's email focuses on basil.  Good stuff.

Now on to the hooligans.

Everyone has mostly shed out but Luigi so both Spice and Gabs are sexy sleek.  A couple of days ago everyone was lined up in a row in front of me with quivering lips to accept carrot treats.  Spice and Gabs next to each other.  Wowzer, they look strikingly similar.  Coloring matches.  I have to look twice now to see who I'm talking to.



See what I mean?  Right now Spice has a little tuft of hair on her forehead, while Gabby has a bit of longer hair on her flanks.  They're the markers I need right now to tell them apart.  Well, except for their behavior.  That sets them distinctly apart.

Spice of late has taken to sidling up next to me and putting her whole body weight into a lean.  We're talking 300 lbs giving me a little snuggle.  No matter what I'm doing.  The other day I was crouched down putting fly socks on Luigi's back legs and Spice slowly backed up until her derriere was in my face -- literally.  I was not laughing.  

Oh, and as a postscript.  Since my last blog post, I have not been able to find my donkey socks at the dollar stores in the area.  This is not good news.


  1. Gosh Janet they do like alike - just like sisters. I wonder why Spice has taken to 'leaning' on you? Do you think it is a sign of affection or is she trying to squash you!!?? Don't these creatures have such different personalities, even the chooks. Good news that you found a chicken vet that is closer to you. It is always good to know you can call somewhere should an emergency (god forbid) abide. I will be seriously looking for another vet and may have to travel further afield. I was not happy when I took Olive to my usual chicken vet as they charged me an absolute fortune and I came away none the wiser with no answers to her condition. I think because chicken keeping has become so popular recently that avian vets are really bumping up their prices and I don't think it is fair. Of course we are going to take our animals to the vets if they are unwell, but some people may struggle with the expense and therefore not seek any medical attention, which is cruel on the pet. Anyway, try not let Spice squash you too much - she should know to be kind to the hand that feeds and looks after her. As always, best wishes.

    1. Louise, so glad to hear from you. I get worried when you disappear!
      It's just as hard to find a vet you like, as a human doctor. Shopping around is always good, I think.
      As for Spice, I have not figured out what her motivation is yet -- I thought perhaps the flies were bugging her so she was trying to rub them off by rubbing me. But now I'm not sure.
      Stay well, my friend.

  2. Thanks Janet for your lovely reply. We are well, thank goodness, but going through hard times with ill elderly parents, loss of a dear friend and now redundancy - It never rains but it pours!!! Anyway, don't want to bore you with my doom and gloom. Just remember you brighten my day with your lovely blog posts.