Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Ten chickens are convinced that what's good for the donkeys must be good for them.  Whatever lands in donkey bowls or the manger is fair game.  Surprisingly the donkeys don't seem to mind, too much -- we'll get to that in a minute.

The image above proves a bit surprising.  Donkeys are passionate about their Sunday morning treat -- hydrated hay cubes plus timothy pellets plus oats and now with the advent of cold weather, plus hydrated beet pulp.  You've got to admit, what a delicious blend!  There's a lot of fighting over any bits left in bowls, so the fact they share with the hens is perplexing.

Luigi seems OK with the girls checking out his precious bowl of slop, but you see just a bit of ear movement at the very end when Marigold comes chirping over.  He might have had enough at this point.  I still get a chuckle out of Fluffy crossing the screen from stage right to stage left behind the action.  Oblivious to the bowl drama.

I have to admit the girls' daily behavior often offers a chuckle, or two.

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  1. Oh Janet I just loved that clip. The chooks do not seem in the least bothered about the Luigi and he was so good about sharing. I totally agree, these girls do make you chuckle.