Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I Want My Vet Back!

 So here's the deal.

Our dog vet, who is a mobile vet and comes to your home, has not been practicing since covid.  Our dogs are not high maintenance, BUT, we have a 13 year old

and we have a greyhound.  Under certain circumstances greys have special medical needs.

When I realized our vet (who is a combination of super smart and country doctor) was not returning soon, I went on a hunt for a vet who would come to the home to euthanize and one who knew greyhounds.  I settled on one to use in the interim.

And wouldn't you know Faith, the greyhound put us to the test.

We discovered this little gem on the inside of one of her thighs.  I did send a photo to our usual vet, he gave a virtual diagnosis and advised we see a vet who could remove it.

Well, after going through the riga-ma-roll of the new vet, Rick and I want out vet back.  To start the ball rolling the estimate included items we felt unnecessary, similar to another vet clinic we left in 2004.  Following surgery the vet didn't speak to us, a go-between was used.  Do we like her?  Who knows as we've never laid eyes on her or had an opportunity to speak to her on the phone. That's at least 2 strikes.   It wouldn't take much to get a third.

But the princess is fine.

Do not test us again, Faith!



  1. So glad and relieved Faith is OK. These animals do put us to the test I am afraid. The vet you went to seems to be very impersonal and I don't blame you for wanting your old vet back. You build up a trust with vets, after all you are putting a member of your family into their hands. I don't like our chicken vet very much after taking Olive, but unfortunately it is the only one I can find that is relatively local. Give the Princess a kiss from you.

  2. I mean give the Princess a kiss from me!!!

  3. Aww, she's a looker !
    Happy to read she is doing OK and none the worse for wear.
    I worked for a veterinarian some thirty plus years, when you find a good one, it's best to hold on, as you already know.

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