Monday, February 8, 2021

Food, Glorious Food

 I've been doing some microgreen experimentation, the easy way.  With a Hamama kit.

All you do is soak a seeded quilt mat and sit back and watch.

This was maybe day 3

Only a couple of days later

At this point I'm at day 12-14 (next time I have to keep better track) and I should probably harvest them, but I'm keeping watch to see if the growth continues.

I also have an Aerogarden and have grown two sets of produce.  My favorite is basil, then lettuces.  My tomatoes were a big bust.

The microgreens are so nutrient dense and tasty.  I was able to purchase some last summer at one of the many farmer markets in the area.

Next is a quickie breakfast.
Instead of cooking traditional oatmeal, I prefer to soak my oats.  I've been doing this for a few years.  When I worked, I could start the process, get dressed, and they'd be ready when I came back to the kitchen.   

My normal concoction: pour lots of rice milk on top of the oats with cinnamon, currants, adding walnut pieces at the end.  I used to soak for 20 minutes, but it gets nice and creamy if you wait 30-45 minutes.  I start it before going out for chonkey chores and it's perfect when I return to the house.

This time I added some chopped dates and used organic oat milk.  Oh my gosh, the dates added the perfect sweetness.  In fact I added too many.

What you see is a double batch.  Half for me and half for the chickens.

I'm trying to incorporate dates more in baking and cooking as a sugar replacement.  On this week's list of things-to-do is a cookie recipe using dates and applesauce.  I'll let you know. 

One of our favorite dinner entrees is Penne with Brown Butter, Arugula and Pine Nuts.  And it's so easy to turn it into a vegan option.  Substitute plant based butter and parm.  I also happen to prefer spinach.  My husband always has a smile when he sees it on the dinner table.

* * * * *

I certainly can't leave knowing you're waiting for a chonkey photo.

We have some c-o-l-d weather in southeastern Michigan and donkeys were attired in their winter finery a couple of days ago.

  The beasts haven't wanted to wander into the pasture lately with the addition of a few more inches of  snow so here's a lovely scene of untouched, unblemished snow.

 Happy eating and stay warm.

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  1. Micro greens that's an interesting one Janet. I like growing runner beans, cabbage and lettuce in the garden (a little square of earth I call my veg patch). Of course all fenced off so young ladies don't eat everything. I like growing things and sometimes I am not that successful, but I like the trying. Gosh it must be SO cold where you are just now. It's cold enough here for me in the UK. The donkeys look great in their winter finery and hopefully they will be nice and toasty underneath.