Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Snow Effect on Chonkeys

 You cannot name one chonkey who is a fan of snow on our teeny tiny farm.  No how, no way.

If white fluffy flakes are dusting the area, just about the only surefire way to lure donkeys out of the barn is hot slop.  As you all know, they adore hot slop and will even brave the elements to dive into a bowl of the stuff.  

Otherwise, little faces peek out of the barn and wait for me to serve up their meal, in the barn.  

So it's a little unusual to see a gathering of white donkeys.

And the hens will not normally paddle around on snow covered ground.  Occasionally a rebel will brave it, but mostly they want to stay on dry ground.
Here only three of 10 hens dared to go out in the porch to get treats, because there was snow on the straw.

Weenies, I've got a bunch of weenies.


  1. Oh Janet I love your videos!!! The donks really didn't seem to mind being caked in the white stuff. Only three brave hens. We had quite a bit of snow recently and I let my girls out and only the two youngsters were brave enough to step on it. Old Violet and Ivy were happy to stay on one little piece of the garden that did not have any snow on it. I don't really blame them as their poor little toes must be SO cold.

  2. Our burro used to get out and just roll in the snow -it was hysterical to watch her. Loved the video. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet furry friends. xo Diana