Monday, April 12, 2021

Slop Soup

 April is exactly the right time to clean out a straw filled chicken porch.  So much straw from the winter.

Exactly one and a half wheelbarrow loads.

Somehow I always get helpers during the clean up tasks.  Wanted or not.

Spice lent a hand, or head, just to ensure proper procedure.  Apparently.

And yesterday I discovered, after all this time, that Gabariella is a prima donna.  Sunday is always hot slop day, although in these temps it's more like warm slop.  Rain the night before had filled feed bowls with a bit of water. I was lazy and didn't dump the water, instead slopping the slop into the bowls.   So we had something on the order of slop soup.  Well, Miss Gabby said that was just a bit too sloppy for her and moved on to the second course of hay at the manger.  Sugar and Spice did not share her hoity toity sensibilities and worked hard at cleaning out the bowls.

     Meanwhile, the clucks swooned with delight at their oatmeal treat.

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Say Yes

Today's topic:  Smoothies :)

What is your favorite ingredient list?

I always add baby spinach just to make sure all the vitamins and minerals of leafy greens are hitting my system.  Most recently I tried a blend of frozen organic cherries, spinach, banana, and a pinch of spirulina.  Pretty darn good.  In the peak of summer, watermelon and blueberries are my favorites  Deeelightful.

Share yours, please, so I can get some new ideas. 

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