Monday, April 5, 2021

Windmills, Ladders and Hotdogs

 One of the manmade signs of spring at our house -- the windmill.  It goes up in spring and gets put to bed for the winter.  We've ended up having many of them over several years; the fabric deteriorates over time.  Rick has patched them, but there comes a point I say no, it's time.  Because the price has gone way up, last year I had to settle for a smaller version, but it still makes me smile every time I come down the driveway.

  Yes, at the end you were witness to three crazy donkeys claiming starvation.  Here they go into their posturing antics further.

Drama queens for sure

I asked Sugar for a nice close-up and she said, sure.  One of the few photos of that pretty girl without those wild eyes.

And then there's Helen, who almost daily insists she needs to make a nest in the straw bales.  Each time I have to pluck her out and put her in a coop nest.  I know she's not happy with me.

I can hear you asking, "Janet, why can't you leave her there".  Because of the dogs.  She tends to do this in the mornings and when morning chores are completed and I return to the house, two stinky dogs are allowed out.  I don't trust the dogs and Helen in mixed company.

By the way, I put an old wooden ladder in the run yesterday to try to provide some entertainment for the clucks.  They all scattered into the coop, absolutely sure that monster was going to eat them.  Today they weren't as skiddish so I put some seed on the bottom two rungs.  No one hopped up to snack off the upper rung.  I'm debating whether to put a hen on it and see what happens.

*  *  *  *  *  *
Say Yes

I've tried all manner of vegetarian and vegan hots dogs and sausages.  In my humble opinion, these are most like a conventional hotdog.  No spices or flavor enhancements.  I'm not saying spicy, flavored versions aren't good (I particularly enjoy Field Roast), but if you're trying to emulate the meat version, I'd suggest these.  



  1. Janet I do love your video clips - they really cheer me up. The drama queens are looking lovely and I love the windmill. Helen is a beautiful girl and I know that they always want to go where they are not really allowed (I am talking from experience here). I think the ladder is a great idea. Not so sure if they'll get the hang of it. If I bring something new or different into my girls
    run it really is as if I am showing them a monster. I have made little perches for them in the past and they have always given them a wide berth. Good luck with that one.

    1. Louise, so far you're on the mark. Have seen absolutely no interest in the ladder. Darn it! Have you found any ways to provide enrichment/entertainment that works?

  2. Janet, the enrichment/entertainment thing is usually down to food for my lot. Vegetables scattered around, cabbages hung up and and bird treat sticks hung on their coop door (these are really for parrots I believe). I could do with some good ideas myself as Vera will not relent in her feather pecking. I am having to separate her from Aggie sometimes (poor Aggie's neck is still bald). I put her in with Ivy but she started on her as well. Ivy is losing her sight and is struggling a bit so pecking her is a definite no no. Never had this problem before. I let them mingle when I am around to oversee things as I feel sorry for Vera if she is on her own. I would love to know how to break this habit.