Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pumpkins, Suet, and Donkey Poop

 Today's teeny tiny farm vignettes seem to focus more on the clucks.  I know, I know, I've heard it already from the donks.  They need more column space.  I'll work on it --  next week.

I''ve told you how I like the caretaking philosophy of Fresh Eggs Daily.  I read her posts often and had a "duh!" moment in one of her more recent stories.  She talked about dumping chicken feed, supplements and nutritious add-ons in a garbage can.  Now why hadn't I thought of that!  Instead of lugging the small chicken feed can to the horse trailer where feed is stored, why not use on of the garbage cans in the hay aisle which hold over 50 pounds.  So I mixed my three chicken feeds and the one supplement I'm using at the moment into the can.

  Sweet Pea inspected the final mix for quality control.

It is 1000 times more convenient to refill the small can from inside the barn.

I took these photos before our snowfall Thanksgiving weekend.  Using pumpkin halves after the chickens have enjoyed the seeds and pulp to hold seed and Grubbly treats.


This one was included simply to reveal the gorgeous coloring of JoannieLu's black feathers

And of course there's the inevitable photobomb

I haven't yet made the coconut oil suetblocks -- have to get to the local feed store for the bulk shelled peanuts -- but I put a commercial suet cake in my new nifty holder.  I only saw two of the hens taking any interest, but suddenly the holder was empty, with the latch open.  Now what one minute, how did the clucks do that.  The reason I got the cute version is it appeared more durable and the catch was stronger.

For my next photo, be forewarned, if you're squeamish about donkey poop, avert your eyes.

Only in the winter do the girls use the salt bowl as a toilet

We've had the talk over and over and yet I still arrive in the morning to this sight.  I wish one of you, dear readers, would come over and try your luck at a donkey lecture.

And here's a donkey in heaven.  All alone enjoying dinner hay without two bullies trying to shove her out.  I can just hear Gabby sighing in contentment.  (the other two were still lapping up their small bit of Equine Senior)

Finally a little birthday scene.  I had one of those pesky birthdays last week and Rick got me a grow light for the plants wintering in the sun room.  And voila, it was set up today.  Perhaps the plants were sighing in contentment as well.

With the remote in hand, I announced "lights on!" and "lights off!" about five hours later.  It's the small pleasures.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Janet!! Hope you had a good day. You sure do look after those girls very well (or should I say spoil them?). Well, why not, they all deserve it. I actually haven't heard of a grow light before. I must say that's a very nifty birthday present and it looks lovely. I'll catch a flight to Michigan and have a word with those donks for you .... see you soon.