Monday, September 26, 2022

A Quick Update

 The good news:

We've stopped Marigold's treatment for bumblefoot and leg mites.  So far so good.  Much peppier now that she doesn't have to wear her vetrap trappings.

Today I picked up three new white feathered girls from the Michigan Humane Society.  It was pouring when I picked them up through the time I arrived home so no photos at the moment.  Please stay tuned. Right now they're segregated in one half of the two-bedroom chicken condo, which infuriates the "regulars".  They are demanding a reduction in rent.  I'm ignoring their protests. 

The bad news:

Gabby is lame again.  Only worse than last month.  Cannot imagine what's going on with that girl.  About this time in August I was pretty certain the source of the problem was a stone bruise.  After a couple of doses of banamine and a week of babying it, she was trotting with the other donks.  Now here we go again. 
The farrier is coming out Wednesday (step #1 in the diagnosis process).

Please cross your fingers and toes.  This girl is top of my list.  It cannot be anything serious.


  1. Oh how exciting girls!! Can't wait to see photos of them. Poor Gabby. I hope the farrier can shine some light on the reason she has become lame again. You must be so worried about her. Sending lots of love and healing vibes from Cheshire UK to Gabby and to you. Take care my friend and best of luck.