Monday, September 12, 2022

Delightful Derrieres

 Stella the hibiscus is a wonder.  If you recall in June she was dropping leaves at quite an alarming rate and I was sure I had killed her.  A panicked call to the greenhouse told me to get her into full sun pronto.  Sun and water would revive the girl.  I was not optimistic.  Silly me.

Not only is she lush and full of leaves but is blooming again!

Recently I consulted with the greenhouse yet again to get instructions to winter her in the house.  I'm moderately optimistic.

Speaking of beauties, take a look at these delightful derrieres.

 As I gazed over the fence, I beheld more devilishly delightful derrieres.

such beauties

We're gong to leave the teeny tiny farm now and travel about 30 minutes north to Stepping Stone Falls.  It was the first we had heard of these manmade falls.  Well worth the drive.


If you check the map of Michigan we were in the vicinity of Flint (just down from the thumb crease).
A little geography lesson is always in order...

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My new favorite snack:  bread/toast schmeared with peanut butter and Kite Hill dairy free cream cheese.  Oh yea.


  1. I love their derrières! They are attached to adorable donks!

  2. This is Dorene, by the way, not anonymous!

  3. The donkies are so cute. I do believe that is the prettiest Hibiscus I have ever seen.