Monday, August 29, 2022

And Then There Were 8

This will be short. 

We lost Fluffy on Friday and it was my fault.  
I brought the girls in from their free range time, saw that Fluff was dawdling, went on with getting the rest of the flock in.  Then forgot to check on her.  We think one of the dogs got her.

Kicking myself...

As I have posted in the past, some of the girls have striking personalities and Fluffy was one.  Because she was a chatty cathy.  If there was a tale to tell, she was up to the task.

She was one of the four I adopted from the Michigan Humane Society a few years ago.  She and Marigold (also one of the four) have been roosting on top of the yellow door and now Mar roosts alone.

I'm missing the little girl.
I'm so sorry Fluff.  

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