Monday, May 13, 2024

This and That On the Teeny Tiny Farm

What an odd spring.

Donkeys have been out on pasture since the beginning of the month -- unheard of so early.  Usually the grass isn't ready until late May.  The donkeys aren't bothered by the odd timing, they couldn't be happier.

And today I actually turned on the fans for both the donks and the hens.  To be honest, between you and me, when I powered up the little fan in the coop a cloud of dust to rival the dustbowl flew into the new coop.  Don't worry, I timed it so everyone was out in the run.

A couple of days ago as I walked down the driveway to feed breakfast to the donks, I readied my phone for a video to catch the blast of noise from the three girls - I was 10 minutes late and had heard them yelling at me from inside the house.  Of course, Gabby was a tenth as loud as normal, but you can get a taste.

Let me tell you about Gigi girl.  A couple of weeks ago I saw the early signs of lethargy.  So Rick and I sprang into action and started a 3-day worming regime.  Shortly after she was right as rain.  That's Gig in front.

I'm low on chicken wormer so called our dog vet to see if by any chance I could get some from him.  That started a lengthy discussion about different wormers, how they tackle worms, AND, some info on the so-called chicken vet I went to a couple of years ago.  Let's just say I shan't be returning to him.  Which means now I have no chicken vet closer than an hour's drive.
Anyway, I'm missing my Sweet Pea and am hoping Gigi can become my buddy.

Thanks to friend J2, I have had a radio in the coop and go in spurts in turning it on for the girls.  Most often we listen to news and music during morning chores.

Oddly enough I don't get much feedback from them as to station preference..

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the turkey buddies who usually are gobbling in the vicinity when I wake up.  I spoke to a neighbor recently who lives two properties away and she said the turkeys come up to the back of their house and peck on the patio door.  As much as I delight in them, she wasn't nearly as enthused.  But she loves hearing the donkeys!

I know you're here to read about the adorable(?) little chonkeys but I must step up on my soapbox for a brief moment.  My pet peeve for some time has arisen again.  Please please please do not wear your "I'm so busy" status as a badge of honor.  Really doesn't cut it with me.  I'm not impressed.

Now I'll leave you with pathetic little donkey faces peeking out of the barn witnessing the rain.


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  1. Loved your little videos Janet. What sweet noises the donks are making. Chickens look great as well... Worming does seem to be a bit of a problem with the best product to use. I used to buy Flubenvet layers pellets, but they would not touch them so a waste of time and money. I got some drops on line and I find them so much easier. I put a drop in a grape and they love grapes so I can fool them with this method. It's called natural wormwood I think. Also though I am not sure if it is specifically for chickens but it's not done any harm. Nice to catch up with you again Janet and enjoy the lovely weather you are having at the moment on your homestead. Love and best wishes.