Friday, January 31, 2014

Donkeys Like to Party

Three little donkeys have lived with us for four years now.  And I am still surprised at the parties they host in their shed at night.

This morning when I walked in the shed for the big clean-up, they had had a pee party.  Every piece of bedding was soaked.

Other times they've enjoyed:

  • throw-the-feed-bowls-around party   
  • poop party 
  • let's-try-to-eat-all-the-stored-hay party

Some mornings its amusing and I laugh (with them, not at them mind you) and then there are the other mornings.

And yet, I'm never invited.  Three rude little donkeys.


  1. How cute! You probably never get tired of watching them. Maybe one day I will have one...or two. :)

  2. Got to love the little donkey minds!