Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gross-Out Alert -- graphic images of manure contained within

The Arctic cold has evolved into the Ice Palace in these parts.
Our driveway illustrates that only too well.

There's not a bit of slush there to get a foothold.  Surprised the dogs didn't go skating down the length.  Speaking of which...

Here's half of Team Donkey waiting to get into the gate to...
...gobble down manure as fast as he can.  I mentioned this behavior in another post, but I'm getting more disgusted by the day.  You see the problem is the manure pile within the donkey yard (which doesn't exist in better weather) is a little of out-of-control.

Earlier in the week when we got The Big Dump it was impossible to maneuver a wheelbarrow to take manure to its proper composting location. The result is this "little" pile which started out topping two feet of snow.  Snow melting = a big mess.

But getting back to Team Donkey -- this is heaven for the two idiots. They're quite willing to sift through the dirty shavings to get a taste treat.

See why I'm totally disgusted!  

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  1. I'm sorry but that is kind of funny. The donkeys all standing around watching the dog with his head buried in the pile. Wonder if that is normal...if other dogs like to eat that. You do have a slick looking driveway! :)