Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Is NOT Self-Serve

Dear Luigi likes to clamber up into the hay area, every single day while I'm mucking the shed.  On the weekends, when I'm not pressed for time, I'll pull the clasp of the door shut while I'm doing chores, but that slows down my process. On a workday morning, in the dark, in the cold, slowing the process isn't what I'm after so I leave the door open and let him do a little snacking until I'm done.
You can see the fencing that we used to separate off the hay and shavings is getting a little the worse for wear, so Rick tried to stave off the hungry mouths with some plywood.  This spring the separating partition is going to be renovated.

But until then, Mr. Luigi and I have it out each morning.  When I've had enough of him munching, self-serve style, I climb in next to him and say, "Out!" 3 or 4 times until he slowly and carefully backs his way out.

Each and every morning.  Ai-yi-yi...