Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Donkey Delight

Good friend Diana wasn't able to visit the three donkeys until they'd set up housekeeping here for a couple of years.  But she was so eager to meet them that when finally the day came... it was pure delight.

She'd erupt in giggles and laughter while feeding treats to the three moochers.  Gentle donkey lips do make for smiles and giggles, don't ya know.

I love their sleek summer look.

Disclaimer:  these photos were taken prior to our (again) removing large weeds from the pasture.

Note to Diana -- you must come again this summer.  Donkey lips are calling to you!  


  1. Oh I wish I could visit and feed the donkeys! You have such a nice place for them!

  2. And I want to come and see your cool sewing projects... and chickens!

  3. So nice to see green pastures and sunshine. A peek at what is coming!