Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ooh-la-la, Snug As A Bug

There is ONE thing that has razzle-dazzled me in the midst of this extravagantly snowy and cold winter.  And that is... my new coat.  I was forced to replace my long-standing barn coat in December (and that baby was years old) and about two weeks after getting the new one was gushing about it to Rick.  Its fabulous.

I'm modeling it here as I offer Gabby some loving which she mostly just tolerates

I have a few (obvious) criteria for a barn coat.  Warm, washable (Natural my horse tends to like to return some of the hot slop I feed him on my coat, thank you very much), warm, and warm.

This one I got from Lands End (on sale) mainly because it was rated very warm, was washable and came in a tall.  And I thought the color was too cool for a barn coat.  I really don't like having to wear a scarf when going to the horse barn or out to see donkeys, the darn thing always get in my way.  The neck on this one comes up so snuggly under my chin I don't need a scarf.  The sleeves are nice and long and the coat comes below my knees.  I have never been cold while wearing it.  And that's in the darn -20 degrees we've had in Michigan.  Yes, I do often wear a hoodie underneath but I've always done that with a barn coat in the extremes.

The only down side -- I could use a couple of extra pockets.  There are only two - I have a hoof pick in one (and sometimes my phone) and treats in the other.  I had more pockets in the old coat and had room for a couple of pieces of baling twine which occasionally came in handy in tieing the donkey gate when the latch was frozen, and could give the phone a designated pocket without fear of any scratching.  And maybe throw a couple of tubes of wormer in another pocket.

Well, there is one more problem with the coat -- it may be TOO warm when we actually do get spring.

Lands End, you done good!

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  1. I like the coat. I wear an old green Air Force coat my daughter gave me. It has lots of pockets...even some hidden pockets. Like you, I carry everything I might need. I don't like scarves either! How do people keep them out of their way?! Your donkeys are so sweet!