Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hay Feeder Ready For Action

The first thing that came to mind as I sat at the keyboard ready to regale you with the newest story is "now we're cooking with gas", but I realized no one but someone my age would have ever heard of that expression, except perhaps my son.  I remember my dad using that, as well as, "we're cheating John D." as we'd coast down a hill in the car.  What unique expressions do you remember from your childhood?

But, on to the story...

Friday I picked up the hay feeder from the local feed store ($10 more than the catalogs but still cheaper) and yesterday was the big installation day.  We made the mistake of taking two ridiculous black dogs out with us and for some reason they were all jazzed up.  Made the donkeys nervous.  Chastising the dogs/hyenas fell on deaf ears.  Idiots.

The hardest part of the process was climbing over the huge snow pile next to the shed.  Rick said, "you go over there and hold the bolts while I put on the washers and nuts".  I said OK.  Until I walked around and saw the size of the snowbank I'd have to climb over.  For those who aren't personal friends, following  surgery 10 years ago, I now have the balance of a baby.  Zip, gone.  So perchinging atop this huge pile of snow was not for me.  Instead I got the job of putting on washers and nuts and then tightening.  Piece of cake.

Then the grand unveiling.

Actually it took some coaxing for the donks to want to come in and examine it - darn dogs had them skittish. And, I had the pure audacity to want to measure them with the scariest tape measure in the world.  Good lord.

No dogs, you're not invited next time.    


  1. Look at you roll.. with video too! Indeed, now we're cookin' with gas (said with my best Missou-ree drawl). Hooray for a new hay feeder! as always, I enjoy your descriptions of the critters and adventures! Our dogs make the donks nervous also, but the new tom kitty who showed up recently absolutely freaks them out (Zombie attack!). Their feeder looks like the inside feeder for the girls. We only use round bales now, so I have to actually pull the hay loose to put in the stall feeder.. not fun in case you wondered. Stay warm.. looks like it's snowing again/still/always there... here too... -T

  2. Perchinging?! Sounds like fun! I think you coined a new word. :-). Mary

    1. uh oh, apparently my proofreading was slacking that day...