Monday, October 27, 2014

Intimidating Cranes and Loony Hens

Allow me to digress from donkeys for yet another post to show you the abundance of wildlife in the area.

We have some neighborhood sandhill cranes that wander from house to house and scare the britches off me when they saunter next to a 50-mile an hour road around the corner.  They are stately, single-minded, and a little intimidating.  Yes, they stand between four and five feet tall.  They were in the pasture sharing space with three donks a couple of years ago and I wasn't sure what to do.  I finally chose the path of least resistance and just kept an eye on the situation.  No one was bothered by the new company.

And then there are the guinea hens next door that wander everywhere.  In the road, in our driveway...  A large bunch of babies (yes, bunch is the technical term) appeared this spring and, surprisingly, most seem to have survived cars and predators. They do drive me crazy when I'm trying to get around them on the driveway (as in the photo below).  They're not the brightest bulbs.


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  1. Those cranes are amazing! I did not know they were so tall. Those guineas must have more sense than ours when it comes to raising babies. I've never seen anything like it. The mothers walk fast and the babies have to keep up or be left behind to get chilled and die. Enjoyed your post.