Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Treat For Three Donkeys -- Fooled Ya

Pictures of horses, pigs and other manner of livestock enjoying meals of pumpkin have been jumping out at me lately.  "Of course!", I said. "Three little donkeys would be thrilled to chomp on a delectable bit of orange treat."

Preparations are made.

Seeds removed.
Pumpkin quartered.
(One for each donk and one for a special horse)


Yea, sure.  Fooled again.
This is the photo of three donkeys having sniffed and rejected pumpkin.  Walked, nay, ran off.

About an hour later it was time for hay and I was pleased to see some interest -- briefly.

And then we were right back to ignoring it.



  1. Sounds like some picky little donkeys to me. But they are still the cutest!

    1. Horses at the barn weren't interested either. However, the horse I was leading at the therapeutic riding wanted to snatch a pumpkin as we were walking by. Don't know...

  2. Well I need to remember this so if I get donkeys, I won't go to the trouble of preparing them a pumpkin treat for Halloween. :) Happy Halloween!

  3. The same thing happened to us with watermelons, pumpkins, and various other treats. PerSNICKety critters they are! Love them anyway. Oh yes, eventually they will come back and eat it all.. when you don't have a camera. True story! -Tammy

    1. I would have thought for sure the watermelons would have piqued their interest.