Monday, November 23, 2020

Feathers Feathers Everywhere

 At our little coop, molting season is concluding.  Feathers of all colors littered the coop and the chicken yard.  The girls are looking a bit bedraggled and their egg production has almost come to a halt.  As you know by now, I'm ok with that.  Girls gotta do what girls gotta do.  Let nature take it's course.

See how Lulu is rough around the edges

And Goldie's derriere needs a little work

All those feathers have been cleaned out of the coop - here's hoping it really was the end of the molting cycle.   You can see a bit of the view of the feather fest, however, the video does not do it justice.  No, not at all.

  Peggy Sue was in a nesting box while I cleaned out the coop so I tried to engage her in a little girl-type conversation.  Apparently while laying an egg, a girl is not very chatty.  But, wait till she's done.

Turning away from the hens for a moment, this photo of Luigi has been taking off on a couple of FB donkey groups.  Especially "Donkeys Make Me Happy".  As of this writing 842 likes.  He is a charmer for sure.



  1. Loved your video clips Janet, as always. I think you really have got one chatty lady there. My eldest girl Violet has been moulting although strangely enough Ivy hasn't. Poor Violet though is really showing her age. She is struggling to walk now, but still eating and drinking well. She perked up a couple of weeks ago when I started to give her some Poultry Spice, but has gone downhill now. Yet another worry!!! As long as I know she is coping I will let her be as I do believe it is just old age now. Loved the photo of Luigi - no wonder he has made such a hit. Handsome boy.

    1. Louise, I am hoping against hope Violet overcomes her mobility issue. Give her a hug for me.