Monday, November 30, 2020

Thanksgiving And Donkey Consequences

 The day started out so lovely.  I was looking forward to seeing my son and with a happy heart took  special breakfast fixin's to chonkeys.

Hot slop with all scumptious ingredients for donks

Mealworms and sunflower seeds for the hens

Still in that warm glow of anticipation, more treats were gathered for lunch.

Banana, celery and dried blueberries for the girls,
carrots for the cows next door and the donks

Except on this trip I went to the other side of the coop to put chicken treats in a bowl in their run.  And an amazing sight I beheld.  It actually took me a moment to grasp what I was seeing. 

 The precious donkeys had eaten the bottom wood frame of the coop window and two of the panes fell out and smashed on the ground.


I called Rick immediately and said he had to come out and jury-rig a fix to patch up the window for the girls.  Then I set to work picking up large and oh-so-many teeny tiny pieces of glass.
And cursed the donkeys.

Window patched until a permanent spring fix

I asked my son to go out at dinner feed time so I didn't have to face the devils.  
And there you have it.  Holidays are not destruction free.

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