Monday, November 16, 2020

Peaceful Evenings

Just as farmers are at the mercy of the weather, we are at the mercy of the light.  Before I retired, it was necessary for me to feed donks in the dark before I got ready for work.  I'd take a lantern to make my way down the driveway and Rick installed a floodlight outside the barn.  Nowadays it's seldom used.  Such is the luxury allowed when not working.  Yes, it's wonderful. 

At this time of year, dinner feed for the donkeys has jumped up to 5:30.  I have just enough time to feed donks, lock up the hens, and make it back to the house on my bike with just enough light left to feel comfortable.  

Sometimes the hooligans get fed outside, but sometimes the weather dictates inside dining.

  The chickens are always tucked into bed when I open the door to the coop and disrupt them by turning on the light.

Marigold likes to roost on top of the window used before we expanded the coop to the 2-bedroom condo.  Helen and Fluffy are on the door which can separate the two bedrooms.  I have no idea why they don't cuddle with the other girls.  This will really test the memory of long-time readers, but they are three of the four girls we rescued from the Humane Society.  Goldie, the fourth, snuggles with the larger crowd.  Who knows why.

Although I might mutter about having to go out in the near-dark, I am rewarded with some lovely sky scenes.

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