Monday, March 29, 2021

Nifty Neighbors

 Not everyone is lucky enough to have neighbors like ours.  Quite outgoing, chatty, and good lookin' to boot.  Oh yea.

In the background - Blackie
In the foreground Matilda and Baby

These are the names I have assigned to the neighbors.  And Blackie knows his name.  You betcha.  With the snow gone, this is prime season to offer them carrots.  Blackie was familiar with the drill from years past, and Matilda is now getting the hang.  Baby finds the process quite curious.

 Long time readers will remember I get big bags of #2 carrots from a particular vendor at the county farmer's market; at our house they're designated "donkey carrots".  Donkeys do not get a vote about sharing with the cows and when they get a glimpse of me tossing treats over the fence they do express their displeasure.

I've yet to catch a good shot of Baby; he's getting more accustomed to me but still is not completely confident.

All three are a delight.

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I'm going to start a mini section of the weekly post with the thought of offering delectable vegan products, recipes, or other miscellaneous tidbits.  It will be called --

Say Yes

This week's featured item -- Kale, cashew, basil pesto sold at Trader Joe.
A few years ago I started making my own pesto with basil from the garden, but I'll admit it's not vegan.  This is a very tasty alternative and it is vegan.  I did add a bit of olive oil to the sauce as it was a bit dry for our taste.  Over some bowtie pasta -- easy, quick, and tasty.

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  1. Loved the video of your neighbours Janet. Can't believe Blackie knows his name so well. Matilda is lovely and baby is adorable. You are indeed lucky to have neighbours like that. Your recipes are definitely food for thought as I am always looking for vegetarian options.