Monday, June 7, 2021

Faith's Close Call

 In the near future, we plan on visiting our son who lives a couple of hours away.  When you have dogs, donkeys, and chickens sometimes making arrangements becomes problematic.

For a quickie visit, we ask a friend(s) to feed donks and let chickens in and out.  Dogs go to a nearby dog sitter.  We've been using this dog sitter for probably 15 years.  Dudley, our big black lab mix, would get ecstatic when he figured out it was a dog sitter day.  That meant playing with other dogs (besides Gunner) and generally having a short holiday from mom and dad.  Dudley showed Gunner that it was a cool place to go and now Gunner has shown Faith the same.

Said dog sitter is not available for the weekend we intend to go.  Rats!

We have the lodging, we have the chonkeys arranged, but not the dogs.
So we've been doing some fancy footwork checking out local boarding facilities, dog sitters on Rover, and putting the word out on a community page on FB.

We found someone close by with experience so scheduled a meet and greet for this past Saturday.  Gunner and Faith immediately found her backyard to be immensely interesting -- new smells here there and everywhere.  Gunner in particular was having a little too much fun exploring every nook and cranny.  And both dogs got along with her husky.  We decided it was a good match and were confirming arrangements when out of nowhere the husky and Faith got into a vicious dogfight.  I have no idea how long it really lasted and, of course, it seemed like minutes and minutes and more minutes.  Because Faith has little fat and does not have a heavy coat to shield her, she was the loser.

After seeing the vet at the emergency clinic, this is our little girl.


No beauty contests in her immediate future.

Since she can't wear the "cone of shame" because of the location of the gashes, the vet suggested an old t-shirt.  She's getting used to it, but will never be a big fan.

Here she's resting in the coolness of the basement .  

Needless to say we're doing a bit of scrambling to make arrangements.  Wish us luck!


  1. Oh that poor little darling, and your heart must hurt to see her so wounded. Dogs usually are not worriers like we people can be, she will recover to play another day.

  2. Oh no poor Faith. What a horrible and upsetting thing to happen. Sending her (and you) lots of love and wishing Faith a speedy recovery. I hope you can still make your arrangements to go to see your son.