Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Perfect Little Bovine Lady

 I was going to tell you the tale of our most recent head-shaking incident with a neighbor.  Except this time I wasn't just shaking my head in exasperation, I was mad.  Really mad.  

But that's probably not the wisest move on my part so instead let me tell you about the leading character in the tale -- Mathilda.

You've met her before, but let me re-introduce you. 

This is the lovely girl with her baby

Without going into detail about "the incident", what I can say is we had to move the girl and baby from our driveway to her pasture multiple times in one day without assistance from the owner.  Mathilda couldn't have been more gentle and cooperative.  I just needed a few carrots as incentive and she was  perfectly behaved. 

Blackie, in the background, has already been re-located to another property because he found his way through one of the neighbor's many fence faults and ended up on someone's property (not ours).  Instead of the fence getting repaired, he was removed.  As you may remember, Blackie was my carrot buddy and I do miss the boy and hope he is safe and well.

I'm sure Baby misses his protection; he'd shadow Blackie in the pasture and run to him if startled.
But, I can't get maudlin about the situation if I have no control.

Anyway feelings between our house and the neighbor are probably at an all-time low and I don't get the pleasure of talking to her critters -- the sheep who also escaped into our driveway as well as Mathilda have been sequestered away from the fence line.

Heavy heavy heavy sigh. 



  1. Oh dear Janet what a shame they have re-located poor Blackie. I bet Mathilda and Baby miss him terribly. Surely it would have been better for the neighbours to repair their fencing and keep their animals secure. I hope they don't re-located Mathilda and Baby as you would miss them to. Have you got room to adopt them? Just a thought!!